Sourcefire 3D® v5 System

Überblick: This 4-day class covers the powerful features of the Sourcefire System, including FireSIGHT
technology, in-depth event analysis, IPS tuning and configuration, and the IPS rules language. You
will also learn how to use and configure next-generation Sourcefire® technology including application
control, firewall and routing/switching capabilities. Sourcefire users will learn to properly tune their
system for better performance and greater network intelligence, and leverage the powerful tools in
the Sourcefire System for more efficient event analysis including the new file-type and network-
based malware detection features.

Die Schulung erfolgt in Deutsch mit den originalen englischen Unterlagen.

Voraussetzungen: This course assumes that students have a technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture. Proficiency with command line text editing tools (vi editor) is suggested, not

* SSourcefire System overview and product installation
* Appliance configuration and management with the Sourcefire Defense Center
* Interface configuration for passive and inline deployments
* FireSIGHT technology including network awareness and user awareness
* Sourcefire IPS, FireSIGHT and Access Control policy configuration
* File policy
* Correlation policy, white lists, and host attributes
* Event analysis and reporting
* File-type and network-based malware event analysis
* Connection data analysis and network profiling
* IPS rule language syntax and usage
* Sourcefire Virtual Appliance and Sourcefire Virtual Defense Center
* Analysis techniques
* Case studies in rule writing techniques and event analysis
* Next-Generation Firewall technology usage and configuration including firewall, application
control and routing/switching capabilities

Dauer: 4 Tage

Ort: OpenSource Training Ralf Spenneberg - Am Bahnhof 3-5 - 48565 Steinfurt


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