SNORT® IDS/IPS Technology

Überblick: This 4-day class is for those who want to learn how to build a Snort® sensor from scratch using many of the open source tools and plug-ins available to help manage, tune and deliver feedback on suspicious activity on your network. Hands-on labs with fully documented instructions help students construct solid, secure Snort® installations and understand the inner workings of the premier open source IDS/IPS available today.

Die Schulung erfolgt in Deutsch mit den originalen englischen Unterlagen.

Voraussetzungen: This course assumes that students have a technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture. Proficiency with Linux and UNIX text editing tools (vi editor) is suggested, not required.

* Introduction to Snort®
* Snort® architecture
* Snort® sensor deployment
* Snort® installation
* Snort® configuration and operation
* Snort® output processing
* Rule management
* Snort® rule writing and general syntax
* Tuning preprocessors and rule tuning
* Snort® tuning
* In depth analysis using Snort® and Base
* Configuring a Distributed Snort® Sensor Installation
* Database Maintenance
* Configuring Snort® In-Line
* Miscellaneous Detection Features: Host Attribute Table, SO Rules and Decoder/Preprocessor Alert Options
* Using High-Performance Packet Capture Drivers

Dauer: 4 Tage

Ort: OpenSource Training Ralf Spenneberg - Am Bahnhof 3-5 - 48565 Steinfurt

Preis (Netto): 3.000,00 EUR Preis : 3.570,00 EUR inkl 19% MwSt.

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Markus Röthlisberger - Swiss Army

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SNORT IDS/IPS Technology
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SNORT IDS/IPS Technology
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